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Mini Solderless Prototype Breadboard (170 Tie-points)
Size: 35mm * 47mm * 8.5mm
Color:White, Black, Red and Blue
One terminal Strip: 170 Tie-point
Plastic parts: ABS ;can be spliced into different size
Purpose: experiment, testing, robot
Stelltron Breakout board
  • Fits 22 pin Dip packages 
  • Supports SMD components
  • Ideal for prototypes that need to last longer
  • Through hole connections make it ideal for osilator and filter projects
  • Dimentions 61x50mm
  • Bottom pads next to Dip area are used for decoupling (Any connection to ground as in caps/resistors)
Mini 25 Points Breadboard Solderless Prototype Tie-point (25point)
Product description:
Size: 20 * 15 * 12
Number of holes: 25 holes
Layers: Single
Insulation material: plastic (ABS)
Insulation thickness: General
Reinforcing material: composite base
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