Over the years Stelltron and Horne Technologies have been involved in a few 3D printer related projects. Along the way we have made friends with some great machines and we have met their owners. Going through our old pictures from repair work and from WhatsApps I realized we have had an interesting time. This is a few of them and I thought I would like to share some. So feel free to ask some questions, and if you know the machine feel free to let us know where it is now.

Velleman K8200 kit
This was the first machine I built. It was a great machine and by the stage this picture was taken was in a completely changed state.

  1. I had 3D printed extra supports,
  2. added a second leadscrew to change it from a cantilever design into a duel drive design,
  3. added a laser model and
  4. changed the controller to a Ramps v1.4.

Have a look at their website http://www.k8200.eu/ to see what they we manufactured as.

Vellemen K8200 http://www.k8200.eu/

The Studio-i3 prusa i3 clone
This was one of the first really great partnerships we had here in Somerset West, with the owner of Studio-i3 Sevn who built and sold these machines. We also sold them for him although the machines were upgraded to do multifilament printing Sven is no longer making them.

Tevo Tarantula
Our old trusted Tevo. This printer was one of our first purchases for the print farm. The old reliable machine is still chugging away in Betty’s Bay churning out PLA parts. The ruggedness and persistence of this little machine has really surprised me over the years. My biggest complaint was the wiring, always a hassle and getting in the way. The new Ternatula solves this with a beautiful design, with the housing keeping all those pesky wires locked away nicely. The only alterations I did to this machine were that I printed the clips to hold the screen in place so that it wasn’t sitting on the desk.

Tevo Tarantula

Huge For Delta Bot
A friend and also our first supplier of filament built this machine which now sits on his stoop. This large form factor machine boasts a 1200x800mm cylindrical volume. To my knowledge it is still for sale and he is willing to give a sales commission to anyone who finds a buyer for this mammoth.

Anet N4 LCD SLA Printer
Our inhouse SLA printer, this little guy prints such beautiful and clear prints. We love this little machine but it stinks, this is one of those things you definitely can’t have in your office while you work or your room while you sleep.

Anet N4 LCD SLA Printer

Sneak peak of the Anet N4 printing, appologies for the flair, trying to film through the glass is tricky and these photos and footage weren’t taken with the blog in mind.

Anet E16
This large form printer brought much learning to our team. With the increased bed size we thought all we knew about smaller machines would make it easy to get used to, we were interested to find this not to be the case. With larger bed machines come some challenges that we have learned to live with. Bed leveling becomes more of an art than a science and can be helped by the introduction of a BLtouch. You can see the addition on the image. We will be writing some BLtouch upgrade guides in the future.

Anet E16 with BLtouch upgrade

My personal Machine – The FrankenMachine
This machine was build with scarps, parts purchased and intended for it, parts returned to Stelltron for being fault and parts that were printed for tests during repair jobs on other printers. Over the years it was also used as a spares machine when a friend or a clinet was in a pinch. All in all I learned a huge amount, built a great little machine and swore alot. I recomend you buy a kit from Creality or Tevo if you want to 3D print. But id you want to build a printer for the shear hell of it and to say you did it from scratch then there is nothing more rewarding than seeing that first print work out. For this machine, the link to the printed parts https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1692666 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2229939
I used the R&K 30×30 AL extrusions we sell as a frame and buy extra slot stones and T-nuts, there is always more to bolt on than you thought.

My personal take on the Prusa i3

Creality CR-10
This machine is really super, we have been selling them for a while now, once they are set up carefully and levelled well they give very little trouble. The AL frame gives a great amount of rigidity and the Bowden extruder system is rugged and easy to clean and replace the hotend. You can see the new space, this first came in about the time Rapha joined us, expanding Stelltron to be less one-man band and more of a real start-up. Thanks to Horne Technologies for believing in us all the years in the wilderness.

Creality CR-10

The Tranhoo T200
This little upstart printer has wormed its way into Rapha’s hart, we purchased it as a test and he is now firmly in love with it as our budget machine. Some should be in stock by the time you read this but if nor please email us to book one.

Tranhoo T200

The Creality CP-01 3-in-1
I had a computer programing teacher who always use to say ‘a highly-cohesive system is the best system’ what he was trying to say, I think, is get a system to do one thing and one thing well. This is a very good 3D printer, a pretty good laser engraved and the CNC engraving works well although we have a long way to go on the learning curve on that one. The sturdy construction makes for a solid frame and I think it will last a long time doing light engraving and normal printing loads.

Creality CP-01 3-in-1

This is our newest printer, it is great. Really a long way from the K-8200. I will hopefully periodically update this blog with more machine and pictures. The B1 prints well out of the box and has great little RGB lights on the extruder hot end so you don’t have to get down to print level with a torch to see what is going on.

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