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SBR Rails Overview

A guide rail pair, also known as a guide rail, is a component that supports and directs a moving element to follow a predetermined trajectory. The motion of the moving parts follows either a straight line, a circle, or a curve. Curved guide rails are rarely employed in equipment, however, rolling circular guides can be utilized to roll thrust bearings.

The precision of the guide rail is directly correlated with the machine tool’s machining accuracy. The machining of the guide rails makes up around 40% of the overall workload of the machine tool for precision machine tools made in small quantities. One such type of guide rail is the SBR rail. The supported-rod design of SBR rails adds rigidity while preserving the typical arrangement of smooth rod setups, enabling the inclusion of greater loads into their application.

What are SBR Rails and How are They Manufactured?

SBR rails are created by combining the SBR-supported rods with SBR linear motion ball slides. Longer continuous lengths are made possible with supported smooth rods because they can be used without the obstruction of a support block across longer lengths.

A supported smooth rod gives the shaft maximum rigidity and stiffness throughout the entire stroke, ensuring the unit’s functionality. All that is required to transition from a normal smooth rod to a supported smooth rod is to swap out the support blocks for a supported smooth rod.

SBR rails are typically built of corrosion-resistant, galvanized, high-strength steel. The metal is cold-drawn into shape and shaped before a roller runner is installed. The best option for heavy loads is often profile rail guides because they are made to generate a highly-precise linear motion. SBR rail guides come in a range of sizes, starting with tiny SBR rails for relocating tiny parts in constrained places.

Due to their complexity, there are very few manufacturers of SBR rails found worldwide and thus they can be hard to get. If you are in South Africa and need SBR Rails contact Stelltron!

Featured Products at Stelltron

These linear rails are manufactured from superior quality, precision-ground stainless steel. They are one of the top products at Stelltron since they serve to function to the expectations of the customer.

  • SBR30 Combo: 2x Linear Slide Rail 1500mm + 4x SBR30UU Blocks

With quality carbon steel being employed in the manufacture of its rails and aluminum for the bearing block, this product is an apt choice for DIY CNC routers.

This product is also one of the best choices to be utilized in the CNC machines as they ensure a smooth and precise guiding surface for it.

Benefits of SBR Rails

SBR rails are superior to other kinds of guide devices for a number of reasons, but the most crucial ones are their load capacity, displacement accuracy, and rigidity. Following are some of the useful advantages of SBR rails:

  • Straightforward and Simple Assembly

With a little practice, anyone can perform their high-quality assembly in no time. Their transmission mechanism’s precision has been basically already decided because the machine tool’s accuracy is very high and all of the rails are accessible as common parts. There shouldn’t be any significant problems during assembly as long as the accuracy of required parts is up to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Excellent Machining Precision

As a standard product, SBR railing has reached a safe, controlled range in both its material and production process. Therefore, the majority of precision machining machine tools use high-precision SBR rail guides. As a machine tool guide, SBR railing also significantly ensures the accuracy of the machine tool’s machining.

  • High Efficiency

Many industrial applications start with SBR rails as their foundation. They efficiently provide a strong, low-friction guiding system for weights weighing anywhere between a couple pounds and many tons. Linear rails are suited for practically all performance needs in the industrial sector due to their size and precision ranges.

  • Uniqueness

SBR rails have the benefit of allowing non-hardened stainless steel shafting. This makes them appealing for both the harsh settings of food processing as well as pristine environments like those found in the semiconductor and medical industries.

Applications of SBR rails

Here are some of the noteworthy applications of SBR rails:

To meet your needs for any of these applications of SBR rails, and many others, you may contact Stelltron at

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