8 Channel Relay 12V with Optocoupler

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1. The module meets the international security standards, and there are isolation grooves between the control area and the load area.
2. Adopt double-sided FR-4 circuit board design and high-end patch technology.
3. Use Songle genuine relay control;
4. With relay action instructions, suction and closure are bright, disconnection is not bright;
5. When there is a low-level signal at the signal input, the common terminal and the normal beginning will be connected.
6. Relays can directly control all kinds of equipment and loads.
7. There are 8 open and 8 closed contacts.
8. Blue KF301 terminal connection control line is more convenient.
9. Module size: 138m * 56mm * 18.5mm (length * width * height), net weight: 120g
10. There are four fixed bolt holes with 3.1 mm spacing of 131 mm*49.5 mm.

11. The finished product passes 100% functional test and stability test.

Module interface:
VCC: Connect 12V power supply positive pole
GND: Connect negative pole of 12V power supply
IN1-IN8: Signal trigger, low level effective
Relay Output: There are 12-wire interfaces, all of which can be directly connected to lead out, convenient for users to use.
NO1-NO8: Relay usually opens interface. Relay is suspended before switching on and after switching on, COM1-COM8 relay public interface is short connected with COM.
NC1-NC8: Normally Closed Interface of Relay, Short Connection with COM before Relay Suction, Suspension after Suction

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1 x 8 Channel 12V Relay Module

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