Actuonix Linear actuator Model L12-100-210-6-P Servo Motor

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L12-P Linear Actuator with Position Feedback

The L12-P line of linear actuators feature an internal potentiometer for position feedback. They do not have an internal controller or end-limit switches.

You can use your L12-P as a Linear Servo by using it with our LAC (Linear Actuator Control) board. This combination has all the same functionality as the L12-I plus USB support, speed control, sensitivity control, position control, and adjustable end limits.

Our position feedback actuators are ideal for projects that require a custom stroke length or a lower speed than our stock units. Using our LAC board saves you designing a custom controller or a custom actuator. If you package the L12-P with an LAC board, the board is half price.

The L12-P line includes 24 unique models featuring:

Stroke lengths of 10mm, 30mm, 50mm and 100mm
3 gearing options for maximum forces between 22N (5lbs) and 80N (18lbs) and speeds between 6.5mm/s and 25mm/s
Available with optional 6V or 12V input

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