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BTT GTR V1.0 Motherboard

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GTR V1.0 Characteristic:

1)The motherboard uses a 32-bit 168MHz ARM-grade Cortex-M4 series STM32F407IGT6 chip, which greatly improves its performance;
2)Equipped with highly modular open source firmware Marlin 2.0, which is convenient for users to DIY and secondary development, eliminating the worries of being unable to master the core code;
3)Marlin 2.0 uses powerful development tools and Visual Studio Code integrated development environment: supports online debugging, which is more helpful for product development and performance optimization, and uses C / C ++ language development;
4)PCB board wiring is rigorous and beautiful, and specially optimized for heat dissipation;
5)Adopt special power supply chip, support 12-24V power input, the output current is 3A;
6)It can accept 24V input and reduce the hotbed current to 1/4 under the same power, effectively solving the heating problem of hot bed MOS tube;
7)Support all BIGTREETECH TFT touch screens, support LCD2004 screen, LCD12864 screen;
8)The system supports Chinese Simplified, English and other languages, which can be switched on your own;
9)Upgrade and configure firmware via SD card, simple and efficient operation;
10)Support serial WIFI printing;
11) 11 motor drivers:
BIGTREETECH GTR V1.0:6 motor drivers, 3 extruders, 3 CNC fans;
BIGTREETECH M5 V1.0: 5 motor drivers, 5 extruders, 5 CNC fans;
12) Supports functions such as resume printing while power off, filament detection, automatic shutdown after power off;
13) Adopt a high-performance MOSFET tube for better heat dissipation effect;
14) Using pluggable fuses, making the replacement process easier;
15) Reserved the expansion ports of BL Touch, PWM, ADC, UART, I2C, CAN;
16) Use the power supply selection design to separate the USB power supply from the switching power supply, avoiding the situation where the computer’s USB port is burned due to short circuit;
17) The special function interface uses conspicuous pin headers, which greatly reduces the error rate of wiring;
18) Support offline printing and online printing;
19) Support dual Z-axis printers (tandem dual Z)
20) BIGTREETECH GTR V1.0: 1 K-type thermocouple;
BIGTREETECH M5 V1.0: 1 K-type thermocouple;
21) Support on-board SD card printing function;
22) On-board EEPROM;
23) Support Raspberry Pi and GTR motherboard online to realize WEB (webpage) side control printing;
24) Signal isolation processing for PWM, STEP, DIR, and master;
25) Add TVS to the power input for protection.


Support Firmware: Marlin2
Support Sensor: Bltouch Master Chip: STM32F407IGT6
Double Z Axis: Support Country/Region of Manufacture: China
Does Not Apply
Item Type: Motherboard
GTR/M5: 1 K-type thermocouple Microprocessor: 168 MHz ARM Cortex-M4
Stepper Motor Driver: TMC2209/TMC2208/TMC2130/A4988/DRV8825 Power Input: 12V-24V
Driver Working Mode: SPI/UART/STEP&DIR Support Wifi: ESP-01S Wifi Module
Onboard: EEPROM Usage: 3D Printer Parts
Reserve Expansion Port: PWM/ADC/UART/I2C/CAN Model Number: GTR V1.0+M5 V1.0
Support Touch Screen: TFT35/TFT24/TFT28 Product Name: GTR V1.0 Motherboard
GTR with M5 Support: 6+5 Drivers LCD: 2004LCD/12864LCD