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GPS BeiDou BDS Dual Mode Module Satellite Positioning Navigator ATGM336H (Replaces NEO-M8N)

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The ATGM336H-5N series module is a generic term for the 9.7 * 10.1-size high-performance BDS / GNSS constellation positioning navigation module family. The series of products are based on the fourth generation of low power GNSSSOC single chip-AT6558, support a variety of satellite navigation systems, including China’s BDS (Beidou satellite navigation system), the United States GPS, Russia’s GLONASS, the European Union GALILEO, Japan’s QZSS and satellite enhancement system SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, GAGAN, MSAS). AT6558 is a true sense of the six-in-one multi-mode satellite navigation module, including 32 tracking channels, you can also accept the satellite navigation system GNSS signal, and to achieve joint positioning, navigation and timing. This series of modules with high sensitivity, low power consumption, low cost and other advantages, suitable for car navigation, handheld positioning, wearable equipment, you can directly replace the U-blox MAX series modules.
Application areas
  • Car positioning in navigation
  • Mobile phones, tablet PCs, handheld devices
  • Embedded positioning device
  • Wearable device