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MB102 Breadboard Power Module Kit – Arduino

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This kit contains the solderless breadboard, and optionally the power supply and jumper lead

This high quality 830 tie-point Solderless Breadboard consists of 630 terminal strip tie-points connected vertically and 200 tie-point power rails at the top and bottom of the board connected horizontally.

With 126 separate vertical rows of 5 pins and 4 horizontal rows of 50 pin power rails, you can build complicated circuits with ease! The board has a standard 0.1″ pitch between pins so common through-hole devices such as transistors and integrated circuits connect easily.

Individual pins are identified by numbered rows and columns.

The holes accept wire or component legs between 20-29 AWG (0.3 – 0.8mm wire), and are rated to over 5000 insertions per point!

This ingenious Solderless Breadboard Power Supply slots into the power rails of a standard sized breadboard and can provide 5V and 3.3V power.

The output voltage is selected using jumpers for each voltage rail and can be turned on and off using the power switch on the board.

Power can be provided via the USB connector or via the DC power jack – the DC power jack accepts 6.5V to 12V. DO NOT EXCEED 12V ! DC Socket is centre pin positive.

Simply insert the Power Supply module into the breadboard, observing the polarity of supply + to + red line on breadboard and supply – to – blue line on breadboard.

This module produces clean, regulated 5V and 3.3V power that is ideal for prototyping use!

DC Current Output 700ma.

Approximately 65 solderless breadboard jumper leads Male to Male round pin of various lengths – ideal for use in prototyping projects on breadboards!

These leads are flexible, durable and easy to connect and disconnect – ideal for prototyping use!

The following lengths are provided:

  • 10cm – approximately 50x
  • 15cm – approximately 8x
  • 20cm – approximately 4x
  • 25cm – approximately 4x

Colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown, Green, White, Blue, Black