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Stepper Driver Silent TMC 2130

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TMC2130 V1.1 Stepstick Stepper Motor Driver

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TMC2130 V1.1 Stepstick Stepper Motor Driver

1. Two-phase stepper motor single-phase current 1.2A (peak 2.5A) motor operating current can be adjusted
2. SPI only
3. Subdivided into 256
4. Noiseless operation combined with maximum efficiency and optimal motor torque
5. High-precision sensorless motor load detection
6. Reduce energy consumption by 75%

7. High load drive is not out of step


– Motor input voltage range: 4.75~46V

– Logic interface input voltage: 3 ~ 5V

– Interface: Step/Dir or SPI
– Configuration:  CFG Pins or SPI
– Native Micro steps*: up to 1/256
– MicroPlyer
– Micro steps: 1/256
– Logic Voltage VIO:  3-5V
– Motor Voltage VM: 5.5-46V
– Motor Phase Current: 1.2A RMS, 2.5A Peak
– VM always needed**: yes
– Internal V- Regulator**: enabled
– RDSon: >=0.5 Ohm
– StealthChop (quiet): yes
– SpreadCycle: yes
– CoolStep: yes
– StallGuard: yes

– DcStep: yes

Stepstick Smoother

This smoother is mainly for the elimination of printed marks produced by 3D printers and the parallel arm structure, can effectively eliminate low-speed non-uniform waveform signals so as to achieve a relatively flat signal waveform.

1. Plug and play, no wiring required
2. Effective to use

Package Included:

1x TMC2130 V1.1 Stepstick Stepper Motor Driver
1x Stepstick Smoother
1x Heat sink

1x Screwdriver
1x 4pin connection cable
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