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(Brittle Batch) Tronhoo PLA 1.75mm Filament 1kg

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Brittle Batch Cheap PLA.

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Brittle Stock (MUST READ THIS!!!)

Please be aware, this specific stock is from batches that came out brittle and can snap while printing.
That is why it is selling for next to nothing. There are no returns or refunds on this stock.

This batch seems to have been made without any additives and as such prints at around 160 – 175 degrees. You may need to add gcode to allow your printer to print that low.
You can use M302 S150 to do this, where 150 in this case is the new min temp. Add it to your start gcode in Cura.


We highly recommend always printing a Temp Tower when using new filaments to find the best temperature. Every degree makes a difference in quality.
We use thing temp tower to check the range between 200ºC and 160ºC.
YouTube video on how to change temp at different layers in Cura: Click here.

Suggested Printing Temperatures:

Nozzle:  160 – 180 degrees.
Bed: 40 – 60 degrees.
Weight: 1kg
Length: ~ 330m


Spray some liquid hair spray on the print surface before a print to greatly improve bed adhesion.

Storing Filament:
Place in a sealed bag or container with a moisture-absorbing packet. When using a filament you haven’t used in a while, cut the first 5 – 10cm off, as ends can become brittle over time.
Also consider unloading filament after printing and storing it instead of leaving it on the printer as this can help prevent brittleness.

All filaments have different ideal print temperatures. Printing too high or low can cause issues with ANY filament. For the best results, we suggest printing a temp tower.
Thingiverse temp tower:



Colours may slightly vary. Please make sure you store your filament correctly after opening.
Please see photos for images of actual stock for your reference.
Orders of more than 20 rolls of filament may be subject to additional shipping costs.

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Weight 1 kg

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