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BTT Mini UPS 12V V2.0

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This Mini UPS 12V V2.0 is a small uninterrupted power supply for the event of power supply interruption. So if you have a fear of load-shedding this is a way to solve the problem without having to upgrade your mainboard and all your electronics.



Size: 5.3×3.3 cm

Weight: 42 g

Working voltage: 12 volts

Notes from the Engineers:

The Mini UPS 12V V2.0 module is designed to work at 12volts. If it is operated at 24 volts it will burn out, please instead buy the 24 volts module. If operating below 10 volts it will give a power-off signal and not function as advertised.

Do not reverse the +ve and -ve lines, you WILL let out the smoke that makes it work.

Wiring Diagram

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