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Creality Spider High Temperature and High Flow Hot End Pro

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Creality Spider hot end is a high performance, high temperature and high flow hot end. It consist of a copper heat break, titanium screws mounting the heater block, a longer melting zone and improved heat dissipation. All of this adds up to higher printing temperatures and faster printing speed. And the bast of all is that this hot end is a drop in replacement into the compatible models listed below.


  • Hot end: Spider Hot End Pro
  • Maximum temperature: 450°C (excluding silicone sock and accepting that the printer hardware are capable of this temperature)
  • Compatible with:
    • Ender-3 Pro
    • Ender-3
    • Ender-3 V2
    • Ender-5
    • Ender-5 Pro
    • Ender-5 Plus
    • Ender-3s
    • Ender-6
    • Ender-4
    • Ender-3 Max
    • Ender-2 Pro
    • Ender-2
    • CR-10S
    • CR-10
    • CR-10 S5
    • CR-10 S4
    • CR-10 Mini
    • CR-20
    • CR-20 Pro