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Profesional IOT Training Kit – Arduino and ESP – Ultimate Shield

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No previous experience with electronics is needed to dive into this Shield! It is good for you through the building of project lessons as well as the designing of the circuit that controls the sensor. This Ultimate Shield makes a great gift and is ideally suited for 11-year-olds and up (grades 6+).

Curious learners will have a lot of fun as they engage with each lesson project or STEM activity inside this Shield; they will explore the fundamentals of electronics engineering: building circuits, and learning how projects capture and respond to information about their surroundings.

This shield is perfect for a budding electronics enthusiast and can grow as your knowledge builds. Add it to your project collectibles! If you want to build more advanced projects, you can always add more sensors and modules.

Professional IOT Starter Kit:.This kit is designed for professionals and enthusiasts who want to dive into Internet of Things (IoT) projects with confidence and competence.

ESP8266 WiFi Shield:.The kit includes a NANO ESP8266 WiFi Shield, a key component for building wireless connectivity into your Arduino projects.

Atmega328p Development Board:.Featuring an Atmega328p development board, this kit provides a powerful platform for advanced electronic and IoT project development.

Electronics Training Kit:.This kit is not just for projects; it’s also an excellent resource for training and learning about electronics, programming, and IoT technologies.

Comprehensive Components:.With a range of components and accessories, this IoT starter kit equips you with everything you need to kickstart your Arduino-based IoT projects, making it a comprehensive solution for your needs.