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Smart WiFi Doorbell – Multifunction

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1. Super long standby time.
2. Built-in rechargeable battery
3. Support voice change, women’s voices into men’s voices
4. Convenient installation, can be glued, can be perforated

Name: D9 Smart Doorbell
Battery capacity: 800mA
Power input: 5V=2A
Use time: more than 6 months of normal use
Charging time: 1.5 hours
Intercom type: color visual
Item Type: Video Doorbell

Sensor model gc0328

Photosensitive support

Audio input 1 channel

Audio output 1 channel

Infrared drive, max. 50mA

MicroSD card holder does not support

2 keys: doorbell key and reset key

2 indicators: equipment status indicator and charging indicator

Battery interface 1 way

Charging power DC 5V

Function and technical parameters

Parameter description

System architecture embedded FreeRTOS

Maximum resolution VGA, 640 * 480

Video coding standard mjepg

Audio coding standard g711 A

Video frame rate VGA@20fps

Day night switching mode automatic

Video preview supports 1-way P2P

Sound acquisition support

Video transmission encryption supports AES

Dingdong RF code EV1527

The infrared lamp is controlled automatically and the sensitivity level is adjustable

Infrared lamp wavelength 850nm

Distribution network mode bluetooth distribution network

Cloud storage support, three-day rolling storage by default

Mobile detection support, sensitivity level adjustable

Connection mode: 2.4GHz WiFi

Power supply mode battery power supply

Battery power detection support, voltage is lower than 3.4V, unable to wake up

Firmware upgrade supports remote upgrade

Operating temperature: – 10 ~ 45 ℃

Working humidity ≤ 95%

Package Included:

1 * visual doorbell,

1 * dingdong machine

1 * manual