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Why STEM Coding & Robotics?

STEM Education focuses on building the skills to solve reallife problems using a mixture of technology, science and logic, and the best way to teach children how to integrate technology and logic is to teach them to Code. This way, they learn to develop their own solutions and answers rather than using pre-existing ones.

By adding electronics to their new coding skills they start to learn Robotics. This is an invaluable skill as they learn they can automate almost anything. The sky is the limit.

Micro:bit - The best way to learn

The Micro:bit was designed by the BBC and is fast becoming the number one choice for teaching coding and robotics to young learners all around the world. It is packed full of features and Micro:bit provides an endless resource of lessons, projects and guides. With the Micro:bit you can start teaching kids from age 7 and up, but anyone of any age can use it to bring their imaginations to life and learn new skills.

Micro:bit is compatible with Block code, Javascript and Python. Our preferred method is Microsoft MakeCode as it comes with numerous lessons, guided tutorials and is so simple that kids can learn on their own at their own pace.

For more information on Micro:bit, see their website  >Click Here<

Microsoft MakeCode

Microsoft MakeCode is a framework for creating interactive and engaging programming experiences for those new to the world of programming. The platform provides the foundation for a tailored coding experience to create and run user programs on actual hardware or in a simulated target.

Coding has never been easier and with its guided interactive lessons kids can learn by themselves at their own pace. There are videos explaining concepts, projects and more.

For more information on Microsoft MakeCode  >Click Here<